The strategy of the company OLZA, spol. s r.o. is among others also to increase the supplies into the automotive and electrotechnical industry on the Czech market, as well as abroad.

Since the company OLZA, spol. s r.o. puts always emphasis on the meeting of the needs and requirements of its customers, it has to react strategically on the increasing demands and expectations, in order to stay competitive.These are the reasons, why the readiness of the company to offer a close and professional cooperation to the customer already in the phase of prototype or product development, is one of the strategy aims of the company. This includes particularly the comprehensive services in the area of cold forming and in the area of making of special tools for sheet metal pressing and aluminum forming (extrusion).

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Improving processes are implemented in order to:

- increase the quality of products and processes
- reduce costs

The aims of the company OLZA, spol. s r.o.:

Increase of product range and of supplies of products with higher added value
Increase of supplies for the automotive industry
Machine equipment growth and new technologies, which secure higher quality comparing to the competition
Quality increase of cold forming
Increase of production automation

The company OLZA, spol. s r.o. implements projects, which are financed also from the EU-grant programs:

Process automation in relation to the company IS - 2.2 ITP03/219
Progressive stamping machine - 2.2 RV02/077
System for advanced planning and evaluating of production orders - 2.2 ITP03/1300
Purchase of CNC machining equipment - 2.2 RV03/2352