Our company is able to provide apart from stamping also further services on its equipment. It is degreasing, tempering, tumbling, material cutting, electroerosion (cutting with wire) or grinding. 

Electroerosive machining (cutting with wire)

The electroerosive machining is a process, which leads to material removing (reducing, cutting) with erosion, caused with electrical discharges run. In case of electroerosive cutting, the part is put into a container with a special liquid and cut with a thin wire.

This technology is suitable especially to achieve very precise shapes, for example of cutting tools, further for production of  punches and matrixes, profile turner shears, various kinds of outer and inner gearing (cog-parts), etc. particularly from hard materials. It is being applied in order to achieve difficult shapes, mainly there, where other methods are not sufficient.

The application of this technology while cutting steel for tools in annealled and also in quenched condition with securing a high accuracy and with a surface quality of cut comparing to grindig (sharpening) is another advantage. 

Parameters of provided services – electroerosive machnining

Maximum dimensions of cut parts (mm):   590x450x250 with rinse
Maximum weight of cut parts (kg):            550
Wire diameter (mm):                               0,15-0,3 (used 0,25)
Angle of cut:                                           +/-20° by the height of 80 mm

IMGP9580 IMGP9542 IMGP9545 IMGP9558


Degreasing in a continuous degreasing line EKOL PPSR 6/3 with the possibility to dry products.
maximum dimensions of a degreased part: 550 x 300 x 2000mm
maximum weight of a degreased part: 15 kg
material of a degreased part: all kinds of metal, plastics with a temperature resistance up to 165°C


The perfect cleanness of parts is ensured with a special process of tempering (temperation). It is a process, leading to burning of remaining particals of oil and of degreasing liquid from the part.
Maximum temperature: 450°C
Used material: steel with different kinds of surface treatment, stainless steel.


The perfect look of parts is ensured with a tumbling process in the facitity RÖSLER R620 EURO.
Using of ceramic or plastic tumbling elements ensures removing of burrs, smaller mill scales, and drying of product. 

Material cutting

The material is cut based on the customer requirements with belt saws or sheet shears.  

Belt saws

We offer vertical and oblique cuts:
vertical -   20 mm – 400 mm
oblique – 20 mm-120 mm

minimum wall thickness 2 mm
maximum lenght of input material 9 m.

Sheet shears

Maximum thickness of cut material 3mm

Maximum length 2000mm