The main activity of the company OLZA, spol. s r.o. is a stamping and metal cold forming on press-machines, further also the aluminium extrusion, assembly for the lighting technology and it is also possible to provide various final treatments.

Stamping and metal cold forming

The portfolio of used input materials for stamping is wide. 

Used material:

- steel ( 0,2mm -  4,5mm)
- metal sheets with surface treatment - Zn, Al, lacquerred
- stainless steel (0,2 mm - 1,5mm)
- aluminium (0,4mm - 5mm)
- aluminium with surface treatment - polished, with clad, with protective foil 

 IMG 6048 IMGP8220 IMG 6042 IMGP9482

Stamping tools:

- single stamping tools
- progressive stamping tools
- stamping tools with transfer feeding 

IMGP9372 IMGP9366  IMGP9501
 IMGP9460 IMGP8134 IMGP9505

The deep drawned stamping from metal sheets on single stamping tools, as well as from metal coils on progressive tools. 

IMGP9414 IMGP9238 IMGP9300 IMGP9305
IMG 5206 IMGP8159 IMG 5209

Cold forming of aluminium parts (extrusion)

Endig parts of hoses for air-conditioning in cars are produced with a special process of  aluminium forming (extrusion). The process is automatized and special parts of cylinder shape from various aluminium aloys are used as the input material.    

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Assembly on single-purpose machines 

We provide our automotive industry customers with assembly of bulb holders for front and rearview headlamps, with assembly of air-conditioning holders. 

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We are able to assemble also whole lamp segments, consisting from stamped parts, as well as from components delivered by customers. 

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Surface treatment

1. Degreasing
2. Tempering
3. Annealing
4. Grinding (tumbling)
5. Laquering and painting

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Another kinds of surface treatment based on requirements and specifications of our customers can be provided externally by our verified and approved, contractually bound subcontractros.  There are for example following processes concerned:

Vacuum steaming